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Biography: the Ay Fanahy

“Ay Fanahy”

“Ay Fanahy” reveals itself in the depths of my soul as a powerful and vibrating positive Energy which brings total calm and happiness.

Guided by this strength, I intuitively envisage the world evolving towards its ultimate destination, detached from matter in order to be born again with its original soul. From where characters without feet, floating creatures, light in the heart of every object merge in the universe of infinite light.

Then my work is wholly achieved when the sign of an internal voice announces itself, and when the golden rule of “Ay Fanahy” is at its summit: the balance of substance of the soul, the meeting of the visible and the invisible.

Meaning Love, Light, Strength, “Ay” is a part of the words buried in the very ancient Malagasy language, inherited from the sanscrit.

I have experienced “Ay Fanahy” for a long time; it made me see the ideal world during my childhood. It made me resonate through my creations across the various stages I reached in my painting.



The “Ay Fanahy” style of Jean A. RAVELONA

In the heart of deep meditation, the music, the form of “Ay Fanahy” have been revealed to the painter and what is to be his inspiration and his style.

All along those “Nights” that strongly take after the poet’s nights (Musset) or after the “Dark night” of a certain mystical (St John de La Croix) “Brighter and guide, More surely than the brightness of midday, Kinder than down” and that has “United the lover to his Beloved one”.

But once conceptualised, “Ay” is a simple word, as style which is avid as well as subtle and then gets among the existing or still to exist isms.

“Ay Fanahy” is the origin of universe, of the life and means faith, spirit, intuition, wisdom, expresses the fourth dimension that is felt vibration through the lines and the colours used by the painter J. A. RAVELONA.

“Ay Fanahy” that the Malagasy ancestors who said themselves reincarnated from Beyond and had discovered in their intuition though their night, for found the heartily race.

“Ay Fanahy” is the synthesis the nucleus of all periods through which the painter J. Andrianaivo RAVELONA has gone: classical realism, torment, discovery, hope and brightness.

Swami Sarvadananda, 1991



Dream, internalized lifelines.

Cosmic visions, mystical atmosphere.

Peace, reserved power, harmony… all these features make Jean A. RAVELONA’s paintings breath and vibrate.

It is not surprising that this Malagasy artist, born in 1952, was elected “Man of the Year 1997” for the Culture and Painting of Madagascar and who had created the “Ay Fanahy” style–the meeting of reality and the spiritual.

That is why we feel, in front of his paintings, an inexpressible well-being and an internal happiness.

We can experience the fulfilment captured by this artist in all his works which irradiate an almost tangible magnetism.

Mathilde Claret, Art critic
Paris, 1999

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