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Biography: Ay Fanahy - Press comments

Ay Fanahy - Press comments

Jean A. Ravelona, creator of the new style Ay Fanahy, the meeting of the real and the spiritual. Formed from deep meditation, the essence of his painting cannot be captured without understanding their inner light.

L’œil Magazine, 2007


Of the following, it is irresistibly attracted by sacred art, finding inspiration in Ay Fanahy, a personal method bordering on a mobilisation of the senses and the spirit, which allows the artist to attain that serenity which raises and guides their creativity.

Le Pays Briard, 2007


Visitors, meeting these works Ay Fanahy, experience them with deep admiration.

Madagascar Tribune, 2005


Towards the eighties he discovered his real style, Ay Fanahy, the synthesis of the visible and invisible.

Cœur du Retz, November 2003


Experts consider him as one of the most outstanding painters of the second half of the 20th century and affirm that the essence of his art Ay Fanahy is rooted in the heart of the Malagasy culture.

Midi Madagascar, 2003


He has formed his own style, which glimpses the real in a sudden flash of lightning colour where man is enthroned, that likewise blessed Ay Fanahy.

Salon des Artistes indépendants, 2003


Jean A. RAVELONA, a Malagasy artist painter, creates a new style of painting, the Ay Fanahy.

Est Républicain, May 2001


It is hardly surprising with this Malagasy artist, born in 1952, elected Man of the Year in 1997 … who created the style Ay Fanahy, the meeting of the reality and the spiritual.

Mathilde Claret, Art Critic, Paris 1999


His style Ay has now established followers in abroad and is considered as an important movement within contemporary Madagascan art.

Midi Madagascar, 1999


The style of this Malagasy painter, recently established in France, is elusive. He is the creator of Ay, a style born of the meeting of both real and spiritual.

Nice Matin, 1999


It is about an inspired work, where the artist is sometimes surprised observing his work finished on a second dimension. It is the essence of Ay, a kind of intuition, which extends the painter and the spectator into this other dimension.              

La République, 1998


Man must stay near the Fanahy and Fitivana (Soul and Love) than to the reason… the word Ay means Soul and Love. The Ay Fanahy is born on this stance philosophic which sprang into on 19th. November 1990

Journal MADA, 1994


Finally, between 1987 and 1990, the communion of the Light period and the synthesis created a particular style, the Ay, which gives the artist to be unmatchable creative skills.

Journal MADA, 1993


The Ay style was officially introduced at the exhibition in November 1990 at Madagascan Hilton.

MADA, December 1993


When the Ay made us penetrate the fourth dimension… 

Midi Madagascar, 1990


He has rediscovered what the ancient Malagasy called ‘Tsindrimandry’. He has renamed this “Ay”, i-e intuition. 

Midi Madagascar, 1992


His plural aspects of creation will create all the maturational phases of the style: the realistic period, a classical period and some personal period between torment, discovery, hope and light. This is, before introducing to an unique genre in Madagascar. The Ay was presented for the first time in the Madagascan Hilton Gallery in November, 1990.

Iloafo, 1992


One can see the dominant images from the notions of Life. Ay is the source of everything and guide the inspiration.

Journal of Madagascar, 1990

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