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Gallery “Reminiscences”

Reminiscences_crepuscule Antananarivo Soleil_baobabs mere_et_enfant2 Reminiscence_mache_Zoma reminiscence sud malgache Reminiscences vers Musicien de marovany Famille Mere et enfant du désert Vision Paris Reminiscences Reminiscences

Countries where I feel I have already lived. A dream place, perfectly beautiful, which makes me feel the existence of another existence. A light glow at dusk, like a divine phantom causing magnetic shudders throughout my body. People I immediately call “family”, tell me the most secret of their secret, as if I knew them intimately for many thousands years. A radiant looking old man with his white hair, walking with a stick like a supernatural Wiseman.

A strange culture from another world which seams to be mine; The heart of my nearest and dearest that beats all the time with my soul.

“Reminiscences” are also the images and colors from my birth country time that are deeply engraved in my memory, and revealing my best moments in this life. Reminiscence is my childhood happiness next to a mother’s true love.

“Reminiscence” is the real and unreal felt into my soul.

J. A. Ravelona